Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live.

“Candle” is Singapore radio’s first short film directed by Divian Nair, conceptualised, casted and written by both Divian and Dee Kosh. Both the Double D’s (as they are known on radio) are acting in it along with Sandra Riley Tang of the Sam Willows and Lavinia Tan of Gold 90.5 fm

The short film titled “Candle” is completely different from the usually humorous style of The Double D’s. For this video, they have aimed at the emotions and the fragility of life and love.

The film revolves around a quote from a book that was made up for the film. “Candle” is the title of the book and the quote that encompasses the message of the film is this – “Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live”.

“It’s a journey we hope our viewers will take with us and hopefully by the end of it everyone will learn to appreciate what they have with the people they love the most.”
– The Double D’s.

After watching this video, I realised that time is precious and we should treasure every minutes we share with love ones and grab any opportunities that arises.

Stop procrastinating and go out and make every minutes count!
-Simon Tay