What is your EDC? (Everyday carry)

We need some essential things in our daily life that may help you along throughout the whole day, we need to carry them in our EDC bag or Everyday carry bag or day bag.

So the question is, what is your EDC bag?

Different situations, environments, occupation or even sex can have different needs.

For me, I have the followings in my EDC bag or on my pocket along with my bag.


  1. iPhone 6 – essential communication & entertainment device
  2. iLuv Bluetooth speaker – simple pedestrian warning device while riding electric unicycle
  3. Wallet – obviously
  4. Small umbrella – Singapore is pretty rainy almost all the time or super hot & sunny
  5. Home keys – obviously
  6. Medical kit – Alcohol swipes, waterproof plasters, antiseptic spray – for light injuries if fall from unicycle


  1. iPhone USB cable – for charging iPhone
  2. Xiaomi Power bank – For a full day battery charging of my iPhone & lights
  3. Water bottle – to drink plain water instead of expensive sugary soda