COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 12 – Social Distancing Now!

15 March 2020, Sunday

I’m not here to spread fear or panic, my objective of this blog is to spread awareness so that you can make necessary preparation for the worst case scenario.

Panic will cause more problems like unnecessary chaos & crazy situations that a calm population will never encounter.

That said however, a population that didn’t prepare for the worst case disaster scenario or never make necessary plans to mitigate this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic will cause even more panic at the end part of the curve.

Today Malaysia reports 190 new COVID-19 cases most linked to mosque event, bringing the total of 428 infections in Malaysia.

Since Malaysia is Singapore’s neighbour and most important trading partner & source of workers, the sudden spike in infections will definitely impact Singapore in the short term.

Singapore had just issued a Stay-home notices for all travellers entering Singapore from ASEAN countries, Japan, UK, Switzerland (More info)

It will not apply to Singapore’s sea and land crossings with Malaysia, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said, adding that separate arrangements are currently being worked out by a bilateral joint working group with Malaysia.

With the new 190 COVID-19 cases in Malaysia will definitely makes Singapore more vulnerable in the next few weeks but I believe with proper social distancing, avoid crowds & personal hygiene can help reduce the infection rate.

That said, majority of the local populations are basically not taking this pandemic serious enough, I personally witness mass gathering of people in coffeeshops & only a handful of people wear surgical masks.

I am the only one wearing protective glasses to prevent my hands from touching my eyes involuntary.

Currently as of writing this blog, there are 212 COVID-19 cases in Singapore, which by the time you are reading this blog will probably had increased.

The decisions to wear a surgical mask, N95, respirators & etc depends on several factors for my own personal opinions.

  • People in the vulnerable group of people who have higher death rate like the elderly above 65 years old and or with critical illnesses like diabetes, obesity, heart, lung problems like asthmatic, TB, high blood pressure, and etc should wear mask to protect yourself.
  • Singapore government may had promised to pay for COVID-19 testing & treatment for Singaporeans & PR, but there may be other underlying problems from jobs & affected income from other people who are affected by your infections that may cause a shock to the family income & that is one BIG REASON why everyone who have little to no savings should wear a mask to protect themselves from taking this risk of getting infected. DO EVERYTHING.

Yes, for people who are healthy & have no underlying illnesses can confidently go out without a mask but if you feel any symptoms at all from sudden chills, dry cough, flu, fever or any symptoms associated with COVID-19….PLEASE Stay home & get tested as soon as possible to avoid spreading to the vulnerable groups in Singapore.

Make plans for quarantine regardless of how you believe in Singapore government are able to help you.

  • Make plans for food for 14 days for everyone at home for the worst case scenarios like even food delivery are not available.
  • Have sufficient medications for that 14 days or more for existing illnesses.
  • Mask available for people at home to prevent spreading internally.
  • If possible reserve a room with toilet attached for quarantine purposes.
  • Discuss with family members what to do if someone is sick in the house… with common switches must be turn on with elbows, masks waste should be bagged in plastic bag before putting into the main trash bin in the house, the pathway from the rooms should be considered infection zones & should wear masks at all time.
  • Consider rationing of food early to avoid going out for supply runs in event there are no food delivery due to extreme demand for delivery.
  • Plan ahead & get surgical mask & goggles early so that when the spike in cases comes along, at least one family member can go out for supply runs.

For long term plans

  • Cut as many bills as possible, if your expensive phone bills are expired….get a cheaper plan immediately.
  • Cut as many debts as possible, recurring debt repayments at higher interest rates will be bad.
  • Cut wastage of utilities if possible as it will cost more if there is a sudden problems with income sources.
  • Cut pets expenditures, if you are in the vulnerable group…it’s possible the cost of living will go up in a crisis so reduce spending excessively on pets if possible by re-homing them.
  • Find more sources of income when possible on top of existing jobs and avoid risky investments.
  • Support local people by buying 2nd hand goods from carousell at cheaper prices.

Overall, I strongly believe there will be short term suffering to many people globally but eventually all the survivors will be stronger & remember this crisis for a long time.

Don’t panic, avoid crowds, work from home if possible, stay healthy, be prepared and stay safe.


COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 11 – Common Sense Decisions

12 March 2020, Thursday

As of today, COVID-19 had spread globally to most countries at an alarming rate. As of today 12 March 2020, there are 127,820 infections globally & 4,717 deaths.

Singapore had done a pretty good job containing the COVID-19 Coronavirus as WHO declared it a Pandemic because of global spreading of the virus at a sustained rate or increasing rate.

I am also happy to learn that the head of the Catholic church in Singapore decided to continue to suspend the Mass for Singapore Church so to avoid cross infection changing the previous decisions to re-open the churches for Masses on 14 and 15 March.

Sadly, during this period…there are 95 people in Singapore who don’t have sufficient common sense & joined large religious gathering with 10,000 people in Malaysia in which several cases of the coronavirus were confirmed.

Malaysian authorities are tracking down about 5,000 citizens dispersed throughout the peninsula after they attended the event.

This lead to the decisions to close all mosques in S’pore until March 18 as Covid-19 precautionary measure.

What PM Lee had said in his recent speech is logical & with common sense, to implement social distancing which MAY include closing of schools (gasp!), stopping gathering at CC/RC, Staggered work time, possible compulsory work from home policy, and many other social distancing ideas.

Many people who are unable to work from home will be seriously impacted due to the reduction of customers during these periods hence PM Lee is also trying to come up with additional budget to help with corporations, and individual workers & people who are retrenched…to tide over this period.

That said, those who didn’t plan ahead will be in a tight spot especially those have huge recurring debts repayment, high bills & have bad financial planning.

Personally, I also about to lose one tenant from my room it will reduce few hundred of dollars of recurring income that will push my lazy ass to write more blogs & make more videos to earn more income to survive.

For long term, I will pushed to cut my expensive mobile plans to subscribe to a cheaper plan once it expired on July 2020, reduce utility bills somehow by using less.

Probably I will have to give away my pet fishes & reduce water electricity consumptions by the 2 feet fish tank.

I will have to think up more ideas to earn a living like sell more stuff online like Carousell & probably make products to sell.

I’m very optimistic at the moment but I know there are people out there that may be in more serious situations, but please know that there are assistance out there in Singapore so DO NOT GIVE UP!. Seek HELP & they will at least give you some food & put you in public assistance…and get you back to your feet.

I do dumpster diving as well, you will be surprise what people throw beside the bins that are CLEAN & functional!

To tell you the truth, I collected some bottles of Alcohol hand sanitisers given out during national day that people threw away BEFORE COVID-19 is a crisis.

Many medical things that are not expired like Salonpas, medicated oil, thermometers, new surgical masks are thrown away brand new in boxes!

From Dettol soap bars to boxes of toothpastes are found near the dumpsters (not even inside) which makes it relatively cheap to prepare for this crisis.

Personally, this crisis is a test for everyone. I understand not many will be like me with slight paranoia & read into all news & videos analysis of the COVID-19 crisis & think of the worst case scenarios.

Yes, I do believe Singapore will fare much better than many countries in terms of governmental actions…but thinking of long term scenarios are too horrifying to even contemplate.

  1. Singapore may delay the spread of COVID-19 for a year or two while the rest of the world crashes & burns with collapse of governments as the aging populations starts to reduce rapidly. Eventually, our new normal are dependant on the younger generations….and how we need to train them to take on larger responsibility in corporations & government.
  2. Global trade will crash for a while until it normalised again & the market will stabilise again. Many greedy people will invest in the wrong time & get burnt badly. Sadly, many trade are done automatically by computer AI causing serious problems as human emotions cannot handle the stress & many will make the wrong choice of selling off everything at the worst time.
  3. Some countries will start to have national debts problems meaning collapse of country level economies which may cause serious hardship to many citizens of that countries as their public workers will have problems getting paid. Public workers like police, soldiers, public hospital doctors, teachers and more.
  4. WAR may come suddenly by countries who want some kind of resources badly & the only way to get them is via war. But seriously how bad the politicians want to wipe humans off the planet? WHY?
  5. Millions may end up dying because of slow reactions by that country preparations and lack of the ability to house thousands of critically ill patients at the same time. Unless nations put away their pride & ask for assistance from countries who have spare hospital beds that can handle more infected patients from another country. China may end up helping their allies more with their experiences & spare beds.

Optimistically, Singapore are still considered a country with deep reserve that can still withstand some economic shock & won’t collapse in chaos that quickly, yes there will be a few more suicides & accidents here and there but there won’t be like mass shootings, riots, lootings, other crazy stuff.

Singapore may have some uptick in crimes during this crisis but usually will be dealt with swiftly and it won’t be as scary compared to other countries.


COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 10 – Bucket List

8 March 2020, Sunday

It’s time to list out some of your bucket list & fulfil them responsibly, bucket list are things that you wish you want to do before you die.

My bucket list

  • To survive this COVID 19 epidemic by DIY hazmat suit or buy one.
  • To read 100 books
  • To have a relationship
  • To start a company & earn by itself
  • To eat healthy, sleep early, exercise daily & be healthy overall
  • Make more YouTube videos

What are your bucket list?

Below are some news that’s important to know.

According to ChannelNewsAsia, Some activities at 7 CCs and 8 RCs suspended over links to SAFRA Jurong COVID-19 cluster: MOH

All singing classes organised by the People’s Association (PA) at these venues were also suspended for 14 days.

These are the venues affected:

  • Bukit Batok Community Club
  • Bukit Panjang Community Club
  • Chua Chu Kang Community Club
  • Jurong Green Community Club
  • Keat Hong Community Club
  • Nanyang Community Club
  • Zhenghua Community Club


  • Ayer Rajah Zone 3 Residents’ Committee
  • Bukit Panjang Zone 4 Residents’ Committee
  • Bukit Panjang Zone 6 Residents’ Committee
  • Bukit Panjang Zone 7 Residents’ Committee
  • Hong Kah North Zone 4 Residents’ Committee
  • Nanyang Zone 4 Residents’ Committee
  • Teck Ghee Zone J Residents’ Committee
  • Yew Tee Zone 8 Residents’ Committee

COVID-19: We must manage load on healthcare system so it’s not overwhelmed

What are we doing

  • Travel restrictions & border controls
  • Screen at entry points into Singapore
  • Contact tracing, quarantine, and isolation
  • PHPCs: Quick access to subsidised treatment for patients with respiratory symptoms

You must do your part

  • DO NOT attend a gathering when ill
  • Many clusters caused by someone sick attending a gathering
  • If you are sick: see a doctor, stay at home
  • Practise good hygiene

Contain dengue cases in S’pore 🦟

  • Practise the Mozzie Wipeout
  • Hospitals should not be loaded with dengue cases now

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 9 – Safra Jurong Cluster

Official answer for why the infection took so long to be discovered

Singapore had just reported 13 new COVID-19 cases in largest single-day spike by ChannelNewsAsia.

Out of the new cases, nine are linked to the cluster involving a private dinner function at SAFRA Jurong on Feb 15.

This private dinner function at SAFRA Jurong hit closer to home as my mum know some of the people who organised the event and reportedly there are up to 600 people attended the event.

The key problem now is why does the reported case only get reported today as the dinner function is at Feb 15, that is about 20 days from today.

That means the incubation date may be way more than 14 days, it can also be many of these people who get symptoms but didn’t report sick & continued to go to work and carry on with their life.

South Korea’s central bank burns, quarantines cash in COVID-19 precaution.

The routine process for handling cash in South Korea involves heating notes to 150 degrees Celsius for two to three seconds, then keeping them at 42 degrees after packaging, which effectively disinfects the cash, the bank said.

That said, DO NOT use iron to iron your money and DO NOT put your cash in microwave or Oven. There are chances that the money will melt or burn making it literally worthless.

There are alternative method like putting your money under the sun or under UV light for disinfection but may take a longer time & need to flip the notes to disinfect again. UV light may need about 15 minutes to disinfect for each time & may create OZONE that may affect respiratory problems so you need to do it at places that’s well ventilated.

Also take note that you should NEVER look directly into UV lights as it will burn your eyes & cause irreparable damage.

In conclusion, the battle for this COVID-19 for Singapore is just beginning and we all should do our part to stay out of large gathering & maintain our cleaning of hands.

The surgical mask is for the sick to use to prevent them from spreading the virus to others, but even thou it’s reported that you should probably not wear a mask because of “wearing it wrong” & touching the mask may increase the risk is probably to limit the excessive use of surgical mask so that the mask will be available for the hospital front line to battle against the virus.

Personally I feel for those who are in the vulnerable group especially the elderly & people with underlying illnesses like diabetes, asthmatic, TB, obese, heart problems, and many other critical illnesses should protect themselves as much as possible with a mask or respirators.

But obviously, proper cleaning of re-usable respirators must be done properly to reduce the risk of touching the infected places of the respirators.

Let’s battle this & continue to work hard to reduce the infection together!


COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 8 – Complacency

6 March 2020, Friday

According to ChannelNewsAsia (CNA) Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 latest news, Singapore have a total of 117 infected with COVID-19.

To many countries where it started to test many suspected patients for COVID-19 to find a sudden spike, they may find Singapore government is doing an excellent job!

Unfortunately, that also create a false sense of security hence created the problem of complacencies.

For example, the news just announced that the local Singapore Catholic Church is going to resume mass on Mar 14 and Mar 15 while weekday masses may also be resumed on Mar 16, subject to prevailing Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines, the Church said in a statement on Thursday (Mar 5).

The precautionary measures outlined by the Catholic Church include temperature screening for all people coming for mass as well as attendance and location registration for contact tracing.

While on 02 Mar 2020, the government of Seoul asked for a murder investigation into leaders of a Christian sect at the centre of the country’s deadly coronavirus outbreak, saying the church was liable for its refusal to cooperate with efforts to stop the disease.

My personal opinions is that such resumption of mass gathering in enclosed space while singing & praying for a long period of time is an intentional violation of common sense…and maybe local laws if someone who have obvious symptoms to attend the mass ON PURPOSE.

According to this network map, we already knows there are two churches in Singapore are clusters for spreading the COVID-19.

Grace Assembly of God (Bukit Batok) & The Life Church and Mission Singapore both have a network of infection causing thousands of people to be quarantined either at home or at National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) with strict laws to prevent anyone from breaking the quarantine.

A 45-year-old man has lost his permanent residency status in Singapore after breaching a Stay-Home Notice while the country battles the novel coronavirus outbreak.

He will also be barred from re-entering Singapore, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said on Wednesday (Feb 26).

That means that man had basically lost everything from his job in Singapore and ability to go back to Singapore for any purpose which is a huge punishment for his grave mistake of breaching a Stay Home Notice.

By attending Church now may bring not just risk of infection of COVID-19 but also affect their own family members as they may end up having to receive a Stay-Home Notice…and the risk of losing their PR status by breaching that Stay-Home Notice.

Let’s hope the measures taken by the Church is sufficient by having temperature check & registering their name & contact number for contact tracing in any event of an outbreak.