25 June 2013 – #sghail


I heard strong wailing of wind coming from my windows which was strange as it haven’t been raining for the whole month of June until today.

Then suddenly the rain starts pouring down like a hurricane together with wind speed I had never seen before.

First thing I did was ran outside to the corridor and collected all my clothes hanging at some bamboo sticks.

Then came back to start filming the rain!

I went downstairs and saw many small & large tree branches fallen to the ground and one uncle came to me and said that I’m late filming the hail!

I said I did film the rain…but not the hail.

Later I discovered that many people had filmed small ice hails during the rain and posted in youtube as reported in straitstimes.

In twitter, there had been more funny jokes about Singaporeans praying too hard for rain and they get hail and more on the weird weather changes in the month of June 2013 from #sghaze to #sghail.

No doubt there will be more videos showing the hail showing ice in Singapore and it’s amazing as I had never seen one up close in Singapore before.

Oh, the electric bill had just arrived and it’s as amazing as the #sghail…yeah…it’s another disaster of it’s own.