AirWheel Smart MarsRover X5 Review

Reviews of AirWheel Smart Marsrover X5 in Singapore via local distributor

Purchased my AirWheel X5 back in 12th August 2014 and here’s my honest review.

For the first few days are the hardest as learning to ride is tiring & scary, had a few falls but nothing serious. Luckily I bought some knee, elbow, palm guards and helmet.

After I learnt to ride the AirWheel, it’s almost magical. I remembered the old fancination of having a hover board after the movie “Back to the Future” and the feeling is just that…futuristic & awesome.

The AirWheel is not very noisy but a bit noisy when you fall down with beeping noise if the AirWheel topple over with automatic shut down of motor for safety.

The pedals for the AirWheel X5 have an annoying problem of getting sore foot at the middle as there is a gap in the middle of the pedal. To avoid the soreness, I had to stand a little forward to aim both my feet bones at both parts of the pedal.

It’s good to have some safety features like speed limit beeping & auto raising of pedal rises when it’s too fast but some do not like the slow speed. (Personally I like it as it’s not very threatening to pedestrian)

Going uphill is advertised to be able to go up 15 degrees angle, so far it’s working for me on most slopes.

The pedals also need to add additional anti-slip tape to avoid slipping off in wet weather conditions, my advice is do not use it when it’s raining as it’s dangerous when breaking at wet surfaces like metal drain cover.

The speed of the AirWheel X5 is not the fastest in the market comparing to other brands but it makes up for it’s price & smooth riding.

The battery life for X5 is advertised as having a range of 25 Km at optimum conditions, I find it more like 15 Km or less due to non-optimum conditions like slopes and temperature.

The weight is one big complaint about any electric unicycle, luckily my distributor who sold me the AirWheel X5 (9.6Kg) recommended me a trolley attachment which greatly improve the portability of the electric unicycle.

Now I push the AirWheel x5 everywhere when it’s not safe to ride it for example on trains, bus and in crowded shopping centre.

AirWheel X5 doesn’t comes with lights like FireWheel or the latest AirWheel model but you can choose to put LEDs onto it with external battery velcro onto it.

Having the electric Unicycle is an eye opener to personal electric green short range transportation, I’m eagerly waiting for the next chance to buy a better brand electric unicycle like FireWheel, Ninebot or Gotway.