My First Duct Tape Wallet!

The power of inspiration!

Today is my birthday and I looked around google & youtube for “amazing wallet” and found a couple of really interesting “Duct Tape Wallet” and their instructions on how to make one!!

My brother ultimately bought me a new wallet for my birthday but I am very inspired by those 14 – 15 years old making a living selling duct tape wallets!

So comes my decisions to buy two rolls of duct tapes (black & white), a box cutter, plastic name card holder and the rest of the already have materials like cutting mat, ruler, zip lock bag and a little aluminum foil.

Total cost is about $15 but can be cheaper if I didn’t buy the box cutter haiz.

So first I decide the design and immediately make the cut! 

Then I cut many 0.5 cm strips for later use :D

I never follow other people’s measurement but my own new wallet instead! More strips!

I taped up the front of the strips and proceed to make the woven checker box design!

The beginning I’m struggling to keep it tight

Eventually I managed to tighten all the strips after many many rough touches and eventually it worked!

Now for the standard folds for the bill notes :D

The center fold for more credit cards

I inserted some aluminum foil to prevent RFID credit card theft but not sure if it will work.

Added 4 credit card slots! Nice!

The checkered design suppose to be at the back making one more folds for more bill slots

I.D. slots preparation, eventually I didn’t go with the frame method but just taped the sides as it’s really difficult! hehe.

More credit card slots! Total of 8 slots!

Finally completed the duct tape wallet with a zip lock coin bag!!