Disappointment of lack of stocks of iPhone 6/6 Plus (Epicentre Jem)

Let’s start from the beginning, my telco “Singtel” pre-orders for iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus ran out within 5 minutes from the 3PM launch which I missed due to reading the 3 mobile size pages “terms” probably due to overwhelming demand.

Then, on the 17th September 2014 I received an curious email from epicentre the local Apple’s authorised retailer.


Within the email you can clearly see both iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus listed to be “available” on September of 19th 2014.

Clicking on a small link within the email showed another website.


Notice that there are several locations of Epicentre shops that I can “queue” to buy iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus and even provided some “survival tips” for queuing overnight.

News already broke that there are “hundreds” of “fans” had started queuing a day before the launch at 313@Somerset shopping complex for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6Plus, there are also queues at EpiCentre outlets at Bugis Junction and Wheelock Place, as well as outside Nubox outlets at Jurong Point, Junction 8, Tampines Mall, Funan DigitaLife Mall and Bedok Mall.

So, with this information…I had decided to queue at the JEM EpiCentre outlet at 2am even thou the official queuing time is 7am.

After I bought some snacks & Nescafe Coffee, I took a taxi to JEM and after a few strange conversation…the taxi driver managed to guess my name!!! OMG! LOL


At around 2.30am, I reached JEM and found a queue of about 70 to 100 “fans” already there sleeping!!!



After waiting until almost 8am, I took another photo

Then comes the bad news, iPhone 6 Plus is no longer available. That’s even before it started!!

After another hour of standing like zombies, there are a few “fans” comes from the front declaring that there NO MORE iPhone 6 left…not a single iPhone 6 at all.

The “speculations” are there are only 100 sets of iPhone 6 and less than 10 sets of iPhone 6 Plus to begin with more than 100 “fans” already queuing before 2AM.

Upon some observation, I noticed that there are many “fans” that looks a lot like construction workers that probably not the likely buyers but “hired to queue” employees.

Simple online search shows there is a demand for part time job queuing up for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus for MONEY!

There are also one enterprising lady (obviously not local) who stroll along the queue offering SGD$2.2k to buy iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB gold colour (Retail price is SGD$1,448) from anyone who can buy it today.

Rumours has it that they can resell iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB Gold colour for SGD$3k in China, that create such a demand for black market that iPhone are no longer just a gadget but a lucrative business opportunity for many enterprising people.

I have several complaints of this situation.

1. There are UNKNOWN number of iPhone 6/ iPhone 6Plus for each outlet of EpiCentre making it hard for people to decide where to queue.

2. The EpiCentre doesn’t have sufficient manpower hired to manage the expected large crowd.

3. There should never be a 7AM queue as it’s almost a 100% guarantee that “fans” will queue overnight for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. Hence, there should be enough manpower to manage the overnight queue and maintain law & order.

In conclusion, people who just want iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus might have to wait for a long time before they can get their hands on this new gadget from Apple.