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It’s time to think of new ways to earn money by video online.

Youtube is slowly killing itself by limiting small content creators from earning their money by putting yellow $ icon on ALL new videos based on faulty algorithm without telling the content creators WHAT exactly is the problem with the algorithm…that flagged the video in the first place. The guide by youtube is a bunch of […]

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DBS/POSB Banking Distruption 5 July 2010

According to TheStraitsTimes: CUSTOMERS affected by the DBS online service disruption on Monday vented their frustration and anger on social media, with some saying that the local banking giant should be penalised for the breakdown, which has upset their routines and caused much inconvenience. Read more at TheStraitsTimes After knowing that the DBS/POSB disruption involves […]

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A Brand New Modem To Solve Singnet 10Mb BB Disconnecting Problems!!

I had written a long complain previously on the troubled Singnet Broad Band (10Mbps) Connection using the seriously “aged” Thompson Speedtouch 585 v6 2+ modem. Now that after I had upgraded the firmware and followed all kinds of changes to my modem including removing it’s bloody build in firewall and etc. I still encountered the […]

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