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KAW – Kingdom Assault Harvest

I had been up all night trying to win one of the Kingdom At War (KAW) epic battle call “Kingdom Assault” and accidentally stumble upon a trick to harvest this epic battle totally!! :D See how much money got harvested! Usually, with a clan of 10 capable players we can complete this epic battle less […]

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How to match color in photoshop to blend images!!

Photoshop Match Color (simple And Amazing Results) – Free videos are just a click away Pretty cool!

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How to download more then the Firefox Download limit of two files at the same time

According to Lunarmedia Blog: Firefox have this limitation of downloading only 2 files at one time and always have to wait for the available slots after one of them is completed before able to download again. This limitation sometimes is a bit problem for me as I download lots of files everyday. So after seeking […]

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Ten Tips to Prevent Getting Cheated by ‘Make-Money-Online-Websites

If you buy some stuff from a shop or mall in your city and are not satisfied with its quality, you can promptly go back to the shopkeeper and register your grievance easily. But have you ever been scammed by any website or online offer? Those who have wasted money on online offers on internet […]

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The Most Expensive Google Adwords keywords!

According to CyberWyre: Google has released a great tool to search for the current CPC for keyword discovery which can be found here. I have used this tool to compile an updated list of the current highest paying keywords. It seems that lawyers are still paying the most out of all. It’s a bit concerning […]