How I survive without a full time job for many years

I haven’t been a full time job for many years and I had to sacrifice lot’s of things to become full time on my hobby.

1. Passive income
– I rent out 2 rooms and partitioned my living room with HDB approved gypsum partition wall (those office type) that are sound proofed…and stay inside my living room.

Cons: You need to deal with problems like sudden breakage of stuff like aircon, washing machines, fridge, or stuff like that. You need to spend LESS on expensive stuff like movies, expensive food, taxi or other stuff.

Pros: You get to do anything you want in your free time.

Google Adsense – Making a blog & youtube that’s linked with Adsense that put advertisements on my blogs & videos does make money for me however it took many years to even start to earn money but as long as you have passion keep making content. Content is like a property rented out, they make money as long as there are people reading or watching.

Cons: You need to take up web & video editing skills along the way and constant upgrade of knowledge.

Pros: you get to do what you like and get paid for it.

2. Self employed – sell stuff online like Carousell, sell used items below half the original price. If need to travel to deliver, add transportation cost before accepting the deal.

Cons: Sometimes you get annoying clients that keep pushing the price down or say stuff to make you cut price even further, ignore them and say “Thank you for your interest, unfortunately I can’t deal at that price for now” but reject so you can avoid selling at cost.

Pros: The sky is the limit, sell until you can eat for free.

3. Freegan – Only discovered dumpster diving by coming across “Freegan in Singapore” Facebook group like less than a month ago to realised many untapped resources nearby. I know by now you have lot’s of “shopping” but it’s not easy to get money to pay bills so only do freegan when you have solved the money problems first like rent out room(s) or deliver food for uberEats… or get local charity to help out.

4. Local free food religious temples – I haven’t tried this but some religions center are cooking up meals daily for needy people.

5. Get better in your condition – Overcome your situation with passion with a new hobby like dumpster diving, helping others, giving free stuff to others and enjoy. Once you are ready, get back to work on something you like. Find a job that you love is important as you will stay longer regardless of the amount you earn.

6. Get to know more friends, brainstorm more solutions to cut cost. Reduce non-essential spending immediately. Maybe get M18 card and only use free WIFI from starbucks until you can afford monthly subscriptions, or only use home wifi and use pre-paid card outside. Reduce utilities bills drastically by using less electricity, water and gas.

7. Prioritise – Use your money on only important things first like bills & food…if food is too expensive, find out cheaper food…or free food. Find out if your phone contract is it over if yes, renew at lower price contract.

Important thing is to take action immediately, don’t hesitate.

P.S. Lower down ego, don’t care what other people say and move on plus bread is your best friend when in need.